6 things shy college students struggle with

If you’re anything like me, you are totally outgoing and bubbly when with your close friends, but as soon as you leave that comfort zone, you become this closed off person. You may not try to be, but you’re just shy! It happens. Here is a list of ten things that I have noticed happen to you when you’re shy in college:

1. You’re only friend your first year was your roommate. 

Unless you ended up at the same college as all of your high school friends, the chances are that the only friend you made your freshman year of college was your roommate. Who knows, if the University hadn’t required you to live in the dorms your first year, would you even have any friends? It’s not like you didn’t want to go around and meet your neighbors; it’s just that every time you tried, you never could really develop any sort of friendship because you were too quiet or nervous and made an excuse to leave. That or the fact that in the beginning of the year, when everyone was introducing themselves to their neighbors, everyone just seemed so fake that you just gave up and watched Netflix in your room.


2. On the first day of classes, when the Professor tells you to introduce yourself to a neighbor;

You end up having to break the ice to some random stranger who happened to slip into class right before it started and took the only seat available which happened to be next to you. You become so focused on making sure you enunciate and not mumble your name that you don’t even catch theirs. Sure, they now know your name, but what are you supposed to call them? “Oh hey… you….. when’s the first midterm again?” Please, like that’ll ever fly. The professor basically handed you one person in the classes name on a silver platter and you still couldn’t use it.

3. Planning on earning your MRS degree? FORGET ABOUT IT.

Let’s face it ladies, most guys in our generation don’t flat-out come up to a girl and say they’re interested in getting to know you more as a person. And if by chance a guy does approach you, a hookup is probably a part of his hidden agenda. A lot of guys like it when a girl approaches a guy first. It shows confidence and good taste. But, when you’re shy, there’s no way in hell, even after happy hour, that you will go up to a guy first. I know you’re best chances of meeting a handsome and potentially successful guy to maybe be your future husband are in college. If you’re shy, you totally miss out on this opportunity and are forced to wait until whoever comes to you, does. That or stick it out with some random dude from high school.


4. Group Projects are torture from the get-go

The second you read through the course syllabus and see that you will be required to take part in a group project, you die a little on the inside. You may be the best team player in the world or you may be the worst. The point is, it won’t matter because you can’t even find a group to work with on your own. You either wait until some outgoing soul asks you to join theirs, or talk to the teacher and have them place you into a group. Once you’re in this group, you initially dread any group meetings and opt to do most work online via a google doc. Once you get to know your group more, things get better. But, if the project isn’t a lengthy one, this chance may never even happen. After all, you don’t want to be too ambitious in the beginning and try to hard to talk to them. Your group members may start to think you’re a bit crazy.


5. People always think you’re either a b!*ch, or you’re weird.

If you manage to crack a few words out, they come out shaky and in some version of English that makes absolutely no sense. If you don’t say anything at all, people just assume that you think you’re just too good for them and would rather be anywhere else than in that conversation. Neither of the two are true though. You may be the sweetest person out there, yet you just don’t know what to say or are afraid to say anything in case you say something wrong.

6. You hear people talking and you know you’d get along.

You’ll be sitting in class, looking down at your phone, scrolling through Twitter when you eavesdrop in on a conversation going on around you. You end up listening to their conversation and replying to some remarks in your head, too shy to actually say them out loud. You know that you could probably be great friends with these people as you have a lot in common. The only problem is, you’re too shy to speak up and introduce yourself.

Stay golden


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