5 Things My Grandpa Taught Me

     Being away from home has taught me just how much I really do miss my family, and all they do for me, especially my grandpa. After thinking about it for quite awhile, I realized I learned more from my grandpa than I ever realized. While many of these things may not be that “important” in my everyday life, they are a constant reminder to me of my roots and the little things in life.

1. There’s nothing like an early morning on the lake fishing.


2. A photograph is priceless. Whether you’re photographing family, scenery, or just a random object you find beautiful. Take a picture of it, print it, and save it in a photo book.


3. Hard work does pay off. You may go through the generic steps of receiving an education and not see any results, but as soon as you go above and beyond and expand your horizons, good things will come.


4. There is nothing like Brewer’s baseball. Good season, bad season, it doesn’t matter! Grab your grills and cook up some brats at a pre-game tailgate at Miller Park. Watch Bernie Brewer slide down the yellow slide from his clubhouse as a firework display is launched into the air after a home run for the Brew Crew. Visit Hank in his doghouse out in left field and take some time to walk around and enjoy the history in the halls all over the stadium. And most importantly, don’t miss the Klement’s Sausage Race!


5. Never put off doing anything you really want to do. You never know when your time here will expire, or your ability to do what you really want to do will no longer exist. Run will you still can walk, smile while you still have teeth, and speak up while you still have a voice to be heard.



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