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A common occurrence that I’m starting to notice on my Facebook is the sharing of articles from all over the web. These articles range from political debates, to sports, to random blog posts about life, to the actual meaningful and tear-jerking article. Now, for any people, this has been happening on their newsfeeds for a while, but you have to understand that most high school kids don’t do that. Instead they post countless selfies or complain about how she said this and she was all ‘OMG’ and crap like that. Not saying that some drastic change happens as soon as you go to college, because believe me, people still post that kind of crap, but there are a few mature ones in the pack that start posting these articles. I felt the need to share 4 articles with you today that I have stumbled upon. Each article is related to one of the other articles. 

The first two articles are about the University of Minnesota campus. Originally, Travel and Leisure wrote an article listing out what they deemed to be the ugliest campuses. Number fourteen on their list happens to be the University of Minnesota. Check it out for yourself.

Now, this article got a LOT of negative feedback from Gopher nation. I stumbled across one girl’s response though that I felt worthy of sharing. You can find that response here;

To change the topic completely, the next two articles were more videos than articles that I stumbled across. Let me tell you, it may be because I am an emotional wreck, aka a woman, but I balled my eyes out at these stories. They are about a young man, about my age, who has had to deal with something no one at any age should have to deal with. I think the most touching part too, despite the whole story being touching, was how his girlfriend responded to the news and is still tackling the issue to this day. Here was the first video I saw that describes Zach’s situation;

Just yesterday, at the Mall of America, around 5,000 carolers got together to sing his song in his memory. Here is the video for that. I hope you find his story as powerful as I have and that if you cried, you didn’t look as hysterical as I did. 


I hope that this hasn’t put a downer on your Friday. Instead, I hope you share Zach’s story, more than anything. 

Have a fantastic weekend and stay golden




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