My First Blog Post

I’ve always admired those who can write and maintain an interesting blog. I find myself hopping from blog to blog envying all these different writers and their lives, rather than focusing on the task at hand. Usually, the task at hand is my afternoon calc lecture. Sorry professor Marden! I’m not much of a writer myself, but I figured I’d give it a shot. If this ends up getting views, awesome! If not, that’s totally okay too! The way I see it, I’m constantly told by articles and web forums to ‘do something for myself.’ I’m one of those people who consistently puts others ahead of myself, and this is my first big leap of doing something for me. While a blog may not be a huge physical action for myself, it is still stepping outside of my comfort zone, and I believe that it’s a great way to start. 

Now, a little bit about myself. I am a first year student at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities looking to major in Kinesiology and possibly minor in sports management. With these degrees, my ultimate goal is to attend graduate school for physical therapy. I have known that physical therapy was something I would want to pursue since at least my freshman year of high school. Sports were always a huge part of my life, and still are; just not to the same extent. Growing up, my schedule revolved around practices, games, and catching up on the odds and ends in between. I never had much down time, and to this day, I would prefer to be consistently moving rather than bumming around. This is probably why I currently hold three part-time jobs. Two of them are on campus jobs and one is back home for me to work over breaks. I really do not mind working, I actually really love my jobs. However, I really do miss out on a lot of afternoons and nights with my friends.

I think I grew up a little too quickly in the whole work sense. My parents never really stressed the need to have a job, but my dad definitely made little hints to me all the time when it came time to filling up the tank (with gas). You see, my dad was laid off in March of 2007. He was an electrical engineer at GE Healthcare. I had fond memories of his work, as it had an attached daycare that I attended for a few years before I started kindergarten. Ever since he got laid off, he has not worked a real job. He does handy work around our house, but mostly around my extended families houses. He even delivered supinas for my uncle, who is a lawyer, a few times. I feel like I felt obligated to get a job because he wasn’t working anymore. When he first got laid off, no huge differences were made. My mom slowly went from working as a part-time pharmacist to a full time pharmacist. Since her career is a relatively well-paying field, we didn’t have to move or anything like that. However, when Christmas of 2007 rolled around, that was when I first started noticing how much my dad being laid off was affecting my family. I was used to being spoiled on Christmas morning, I’ll admit that. I would look forward to piles upon piles of wrapped gifts waiting to be torn open. That Christmas, I was surprised to find that those piles upon piles were no more. The number of overall presents was a third of what I was used to. Also, the gifts I received were lesser than in previous years. I remember being so upset after opening presents that Christmas morning. I was upset at my dad for not being able to hold onto his job or get a new job. I was upset at my mom for buying me A LOT of socks when she could have bought me one pricey-er item instead. And, it was only after about an hour of being upset at them that I became very upset at myself. I may not have had the Christmas that I was expecting, but I still had more than many other people. I worried more about the material possessions rather than the things that really mattered. I was blessed with a roof over my head, a family that loves me, and the basic necessities I need to live every day.  

Well, I think this has gone off topic enough, so I guess I’ll wrap up this first post. Hopefully, my next post will include some pictures so there is a visual that anyone reading this can view as well. 

Until then,



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